2020-2021 Catalog

Progression Policy

Progression through the PN program is dependent upon successful completion of each course. To progress in the nursing program a student must maintain a minimum theory grade of 75%, pass clinical, complete all formalized psychomotor skills successfully, and meet the Course Student Learning Outcomes in all nursing courses. All prerequisite courses must be completed successfully in order to progress to the next nursing course in the sequence, i.e., LPN-142, LPN-145, LPN-152, and LPN-162.  Students must also achieve all End of Program Student Learning Outcomes (EPSLOs) in LPN-162.

Progression within LPN-152 requires students to successfully complete clinical outcomes for each course section, specifically LPN-152 Acute Care and LPN-152 Skilled Nursing Facility Care. If a student is unsuccessful in achieving the clinical outcomes of the first section of LPN-152, they will not be allowed to progress to the next section of the course which will result in a failure in LPN-152.

Revised: PN Faculty Committee, 12/12/18; Reviewed: 11/20/19