2020-2021 Catalog

Health and Immunization Policy

Immunization Requirements: Students entering the Practical Nursing program are required to follow the immunization policy for BCC health students. Students must submit proof of compliance with immunizations by the August 10th for the fall semester.

Please note:  The Hep B series may take up to six months to complete. Students should plan accordingly.  Immunization information may be shared with the Dean of Nursing, Program Administrative Assistant, Nursing Data Analyst, and contracted agencies to allow for clinical experiences.


Hepatitis B

Required Immunization for Hepatitis B

Laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)

(Declination acceptable after second series of vaccines if titer is negative.)


3 doses of the Engerix-B or Recombivax--HB formulations of the hepatitis B vaccine on a 0, 1, and 6 month schedule



1 dose; and history of a DTaP primary series or age appropriate catch-up vaccination. Tdap given at ≥7 years may be counted, but a dose at age 11-12 is recommended if Tdap was given earlier as part of a catch-up schedule. Tdap should be given if it has been ≥10 years since Tdap.



Laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)

(If immunity is not seen, 2 series of MMR vaccine)


Laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)

(If immunity is not seen, 2 series of Varicella vaccine)



Documentation of negative T-Spot or Quantifiers. Once initial documentation is obtained the test does not need to be repeated annually. A “TB” interview form will be completed annually. If there are any affirmation answers to those questions, the T-Spot will be repeated.

Influenza Vaccine

During regular flu season (Oct-March). Declination is only allowed if there is documented allergy or documentation for religious reasons which will be determined on a case by case basis.



1 dose; 1 dose MenACWY (formerly MCV4) required for all full-time students 21 years of age or younger. The dose of MenACWY vaccine must have been received on or after the student’s 16th birthday. Doses received at younger ages do not count towards this requirement. Students may decline MenACWY vaccine after they have read and signed the MDPH Meningococcal Information and Waiver Form provided by their institution.

Meningococcal B vaccine is not required and does not meet this requirement.

Ishirara Test

Required for all faculty and students who need to identify color for specific tests. (This will be done during clinical orientation.)

(BCC Immunization policy developed according to MDPH Immunization Program 2020-2021 School Year and per requirements of clinical sites)



If a student is unable to receive an immunization due to medical reasons, they must discuss a medical waiver with the Dean of Nursing and provide a doctor’s notice.  If a medical waiver is granted, documentation from the student's physician must be filed in the Nursing Immunization and Medical Records Office. It is also highly recommended that these students have blood testing done to show possible immunity.  Both medical exemptions and declinations must be renewed on the appropriate forms annually.  If a student cannot complete clinical, then he/she cannot complete the course.

Drug Screening

Please be advised that students enrolled in certain programs which require clinical or fieldwork study may be required by the placement affiliate agency to undergo and pass a drug screening analysis in order to be eligible. Students who either fail to pass, or refuse to submit to a drug screening analysis will be deemed ineligible for clinical placement, which will affect their status in the program.

Verification of Student Health History and Physical Exam

In addition to the Mandatory Immunization Requirements, all students enrolled in the nursing program are required to have Verification of Student Health History and Physical Exam report completed by their health care provider by August 10th or for the fall semester.

Failure to Comply

A student will not be allowed to participate in the clinical experience without all health requirements fully complete.  

Submit requirements to the Nursing Immunization and Medical Records Office located in the Hawthorne building, office #310, Berkshire Community College Main Campus.

Telephone: 413-236-4609; Fax: 800-724-9943; medicalrecords@berkshirecc.edu

Revised: Revised:  PN Faculty Committee, 4/3/19, 8/6/19, reviewed: 11/6/19; revised 1/17/20; 6/3/2020