2021-2022 Catalog

Student Rights and Grievances Policy

A student who registers a complaint with the Practical Nursing Program is required to adhere to the following:

  • Identify the reason for the complaint:
    • grade dispute: classroom, lab, clinical;
    • specifics of dispute, e.g. miscalculation of grade, not in agreement with established criteria e.g. grading rubric; and
    • other reasons related to assuring rights of students within the program, e.g. effective communication of expectations, fair and equitable implementation of program policies;
  • Follow timeline to register complaint:
    • Within one week of grade assignment issue or as soon as possible and within same semester for other complaints;
  • Address complaint to appropriate person:
  • First step – speak to faculty member assigning grade or involved in complaint. The meeting will be documented and signed by both student and faculty. If not satisfied with outcome then:
  • Schedule a meeting with the Dean of Nursing to discuss the situation. The meeting will be documented and signed by both the student and the Dean. The Dean may choose to have the appropriate faculty member at the meeting.

If the matter continues to be unresolved by the parties, the student is encouraged to file a written grievance following the student grievance procedure per the Student Policy Guide.

The Practical Nursing Program follows college policy for student rights and grievances as published in the college Student Policy Guide.   /Current/Catalog/Policies/Student-Policy-Guide

Revised: PN Faculty Committee, 12/12/18, 10/16/19; Reviewed: 11/20/19, 5/28/20; revised: 11/12/2020