2021-2022 Catalog

Withdrawal Policy

Berkshire Community College

Associate Degree in Nursing Program

Withdrawal Policy


Students who intend to withdraw from the Associate Degree in nursing program are encouraged to meet with the Dean of Nursing. This meeting is student initiated. 


The intent of this meeting is to:

  • Assist the student in exploring other options than withdrawing from the program, as appropriate e.g. referral to appropriate college resource;
  • Inform the student of the timeline and meaning of withdrawal in relationship to tuition reimbursement and/or grade determination, e.g. financial grace period within first week of semester and effect on grade within “W” versus “W P/F”, period or grade implications if no formal withdrawal is completed; and
  • Assist student with withdrawal process as needed.


Any nursing student withdrawing from a nursing course must apply for readmission to the nursing program following the readmission policy.


The Associate Degree in Nursing Program follows the college policy for formal withdrawal from the program per the current college catalog.  (www.berkshirecc.edu/catalog)


Revised: ADN Faculty Committee, 12/18/18, 10/15/19; Reviewed: 11/26/19, 11/10/20; Revised: 7/22/21