2021-2022 Catalog

Health/Fitness Requirement

BCC’s Health/Fitness requirement promotes lifelong optimum health by providing students with the education and skills for maintaining physical fitness. Students may meet this requirement through one of the following options:

  • Two credits of college Health/Fitness courses* taken at BCC or transferred in from another college; or
  • Not more than 15 hours at a non-BCC facility that tracks and supervises activities, plus 1 credit college Health/ Fitness class* or 15 hours with a personal trainer, intramural league or a supervised activity in the Paterson Fitness Center or 30 hours of a BCC supervised activity; or
  • Participation in the armed forces or civil service.

* BCC courses that meet the Health/Fitness requirement are designated “HF” in the course descriptions beginning and in the consolidated General Education Requirements list.