2021-2022 Catalog

Police Investigations

The Massachusetts State Police is responsible for investigating all actions or incidences on campus that may have potential criminal implications. BCC Campus Security and BCC administrators will assist the State Police with the investigation. An incident report detailing the investigation will be prepared by BCC Campus Security and forwarded to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.


For any incident that involves a student, the Dean of Student Affairs, Beth Wallace ext. 1601, (or his/her designee) is responsible for making contact with the student and, in conjunction with Campus Security, arranging for a confidential area for the student to be questioned by the State Police. The Dean (or his/her designee) may be present, if so requested by the student, during any questioning by the State Police to make sure that the student's rights are upheld. In all cases involving a student, any related incident reports will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Affairs.