2020-2021 Catalog

NUR-101 Physical & Mental Health I

An introduction to health care with focus on normal physiological and psychosocial function. This course provides a basic introduction to the Nurse of the Future Core Competencies with an emphasis on nursing knowledge, patient-centered care, therapeutic communication, safety, quality improvement, informatics and technology. Critical thinking skills are introduced and utilized in the collection and analysis of simple types of data. Basic assessment and psychomotor skills are taught, allowing the student to provide patient-centered care in varied settings. The concepts of system-based practice and evidence based practice are discussed, along with the role of the nurse as a health care professional and leader, with an emphasis on health promotion, wellness, teamwork and collaboration. Student learning activities include journaling, case studies, use of learning management system for online assignments and test taking skills. Admission to the Nursing Program is required.




Admission to the nursing program.

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