2021-2022 Catalog


Depending on the needs and circumstances of each student, the following fees may apply:

Student Activity Fee (per semester) $30.00
Challenge Exam Fee (per credit) $30.00
Late Payment/Reinstatement Fee (per semester) $100.00
Life Experience Fee (per credit) $30.00
Payment Plan Application Fee
(See Payment Plans.)
Returned Check Fee (per check)
(See Returned Check Policy.)
Science Lab Fee (per course) $30.00
Transcript Fees
$5.00/electronic copy, $6.00/paper copy plus an additional $4.00 for same-day service

Additional fees specific to individual programs:

Nursing (Associate Degree) $300.00 per semester
Practical Nurse $100.00 per semester
Physical Therapist Assistant $250.00 per semester
Respiratory Care $125.00 per semester
Massage Therapy $150.00 per semester