2020-2021 Catalog

Financial Aid Borrower Bill of Rights

The Student Borrower Bill of Rights* includes the following rights:

  • To unbiased advice about loans and lenders from the BCC Student Financial Services Office.
  • To choose the lender, even if the lender is not included on BCC's published lender list.
  • To know what criteria BCC uses to select lenders whose names it lists for student use.
  • To know whether the published lenders are paying BCC or the financial staff.
  • To know what benefits or rate discounts lenders offer, and whether those benefits or discounts will be made immediately available, or only after a certain number of consecutive timely payments
  • To know if a lender has agreed to sell its loans to another lender.
  • To know whether borrower benefits and discounts will continue if the loan is sold.
  • To know the interest rate for the loan before borrowings.
  • To exhaust federal borrowing options before turning to higher cost private loans.

(*Student Lending Accountability, Transparency and Enforcement Act adopted by the New York State Legislature in May 2007, and publicized by the Associated Press on May 24, 2007)