2021-2022 Catalog

Applied Manufacturing Technical Skills (Certificate)

Program Advisor: José R. Colmenares

413-236-4695 • jcolmenares@berkshirecc.edu 

The course sequence and content provides the quantitative and technical skills required for entry-level positions in manufacturing, and is also an option for individuals currently working in the field and wishing to update their skills to current technologies. Though most of the curriculum will be taught on campus, the hands-on technical courses will be offered at state-of-the-art industrial laboratories at regional vocational schools and possibly local manufacturing facilities.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the educational and technical skills to enter the workforce or continue their education at baccalaureate institutions;
  • Apply the technical knowledge and problem solving skills required in their chosen area;
  • Accurately use test equipment;
  • Use both manual and automated machinery in various manufacturing processes;
  • Develop a commitment to quality timelines and continuous improvement of the manufacturing process;
  • Demonstrate competence in collaboration with individuals and teams of multicultural and multidisciplinary backgrounds;
  • Communicate clearly and coherently in written, oral and graphical forms; and
  • Appreciate the need for continued professional development and lifelong learning.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a certificate in this program, a student must complete all program credits, plus the following Additional Requirements.

Program Courses

ENM-125Technical Mathematics I


ENM-126Technical Mathematics II


ENT-136Interpreting Engineering Drawings II


ENT-152Advanced Manufacturing


Total Credit Hours:22

Gainful Employment Disclosure 2019

Below you'll find program costs, student loan debt, graduation rates, and jobs associated with this program.

Program Name: Applied Manufacturing Technical Skills Certificate

This program is designed to be completed in: one (1) year.

Costs for this program if completed within normal timeframe:

  • $5,046 in-state tuition and fees
  • $5,332 New England/New York resident tuition and fees
  • $10,194 out-of-state tuition and fees
  • $1,100 estimated books and supplies
  • $1,408 estimated transportation

There may be additional costs to consider such as reduced income if you will be cutting back on work hours, child care, room, board, and general living expenses while enrolled.

Loan debt of the typical graduate of this program: As fewer than 10 students completed this program within normal time, median indebtedness is being withheld to preserve their confidentiality.

Program meets licensure requirements in Massachusetts.

For more information about graduation rates, loan repayment rates, and post-enrollment earnings about this institution and other postsecondary institutions, please see: https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/