2020-2021 Catalog

Withdrawal/Refund Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

The College is required to calculate a refund for students who receive federal or state financial aid and who drop out or with- draw from the College.

What Happens to Financial Aid If a Student Drops Out or Withdraws from College?

If a student drops out or completely withdraws from college, the amount of financial aid that can be applied to their tuition/ fee bill and bookstore charges may be reduced. Federal regulations require students to attend at least 60 percent of the semester to “earn” 100 percent of their eligible financial aid.

If a student drops out or withdraws from BCC before the 60 percent point in the semester (approximately the ninth week of fall/spring semester classes), the amount of their financial aid will be reduced in proportion to the percentage of the semester attended.

For example, students who attend the first 30 days of a typical 110-day semester will qualify for only 27 percent of their eligible financial aid (30/110 = 27 percent).

Possible Consequences of Dropping out or Withdrawing

A student who drops out or withdraws from the College could find themselves owing a balance to the College. If a financial aid disbursement has already been made, they may be required to pay back the “unearned” portion of their financial aid. Failure to repay “unearned” financial aid can prevent students from receiving future financial aid at any college.

Another possible consequence of dropping out or withdrawing from the College is the failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress standards (see Academic Progress Standards for Financial Aid). Classes that students start but do not successfully complete will count against them. For more information, refer to the College’s “Academic Progress/ Suspension Policy for Financial Aid Recipients” (see Regaining Eligibility).

Avoid Future Problems — Complete an “Official” Withdrawal

BCC recognizes that circumstances beyond a student’s control can happen and withdrawal from college may be a necessity. We urge you to complete BCC’s official withdrawal process by contacting the Academic Advising Center (F-117).

To avoid future problems, students who receive aid (including student loans) should contact the Financial Aid Office for guidance when considering leaving BCC. Students should not just stop attending classes. If you are planning to leave BCC, be sure to initiate an official withdrawal from college. Financial aid recipients who withdraw from the College will be responsible for the balance owed BCC after their aid is reduced and returned to federal and state accounts.

For more information about federal and state refund policies for financial aid recipients, contact the Financial Aid Office (F-122) at 413-236-1642.