2018-2019 Catalog

Honors Program and Center

The Berkshire Honors Scholar Program at BCC is a creative, student-driven experience that provides a unique opportunity through the learning process toward the goal of realizing a student’s full potential. The program is designed for highly- motivated and capable students who want to pursue the highest level of academic achievement possible at BCC. Students accepted into the program will have a challenging academic experience working closely with faculty mentors and will benefit from increased potential for scholarships and transfer. The program is not a degree program, but a set of demanding requirements that apply to a student’s BCC degree program.

The Berkshire Honors Scholar Center provides a quiet place for honors program students to relax or study. Students wishing to enter the BCC Berkshire Honors Scholar Program must demonstrate previous academic success and be accepted into an associate degree program at BCC. Graduation from the honors program occurs when students graduate from their degree program and meet the honors program graduation requirements. For a detailed description of the requirements and program application procedure, call Stacy Evans at 413-236-4563.