2018-2019 Catalog

Credits, Grade Points and Grade Point Average (GPA)

A chronological record of each student’s courses and grades is maintained by the Registrar’s Office (F-111). This academic history, or transcript, provides the following information:

  • Attempted credits or hours (Hrs. Att.): the credit value of the courses registered for or attempted;
  • Completed credits or hours (Hrs. Cpt.): the credit value of courses successfully completed or earned;
  • Grade Points: the grade point value for each grade times the credit hours of the course; and a
  • GPA: the grade point average for one semester, which equals the grade points divided by the attempted credit hours of the courses in which a grade of A, B, C, D, F or WF is received (including “plus” or “minus” grades).

In the following example, the student registered for (or attempted) 15 credit hours of courses. Since the student received a failing grade of F in PHL-101 (a 3-credit course), he/she successfully completed (or earned) only 12 of the 15 credits attempted. However, the F does count in calculating the grade point average (GPA); therefore, the divisor equals 15. The example shows the calculation of the grade points for each course and the total (30.000) for the semester. The student’s grade point average, or GPA, is calculated by dividing the total points (30.000) by the divisor (15). As a result, this student’s semester GPA equals 2.000. The student’s transcript displays this information for each semester, as well as a cumulative total which is arrived at by calculating all the semesters together. The cumulative grade point average is the total of all grade points for every course on the transcript divided by the total divisor.



 Course  Letter
 ENG-101  A  4.000    3    12.000
 BIO-101  D  1.000    4    4.000
 MAT-101  C  2.000    1    2.000
 MAT-115  B  3.000    1    3.000
 HIS-113  B 3.000     3    9.000
 PHL-101  F  0.000    3    0.000
 TOTAL        15    30.000

Total Points / Total Credit Hours = 30.00 / 15 = 2.000 GPA